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D 90 Maxi Unique Feature

         Swivelable Operator Post

            180 deg. swivelable operator post for complete visibility during driving.
            The operator can over see dumping operations


        Ergonomic Controls

           Ease of operation by conveniently located Electro Hydraulic Switches,
           each for Travel & Gear Change. Joy Stick for Skip Lift.

Tight Turning Radius

       Tight Turning Radius

          4.5 meters. The unique steering options give the smallest turning radius,
          enabling the machine to operate in confined spaces



          24 Deg. High level of gradeability to make even the most trying conditions look easy.

Ease of Maintenance  Ease of Maintenance

  The full width of the bonnet opens completely allowing absolute ease of maintenance when



          Heavy duty fully floating type axles. Fixed rear axle and floating front axle with floating
          angle of 6 degrees. Self bearing axle, outboard planetary reduction at wheel hubs.


Fully powered hydraulic (orbitrol type) steering.
Four wheel steering for maneuvering in narrow spaces.
3 way steering system.